Wall washing lamp manufacturer informs the installation method of LED wall washing lamp

2020-03-02 16:14:24

  The function of LED wall washing lamp is to make the wall illuminated by the light as washed. It is mainly used in architectural decoration lighting and outlines some large buildings. LED lamp has the functions of energy saving, rich color, long life and high light efficiency, so at present many wall washing lamps are replaced by LED wall washing lamps. Led wall washing lamp is also called LED line lamp because of its long shape.

  Installation method of LED wall washing lamp:

  First, the tin bar and soldering iron used for LED lamp beads shall be welded on the aluminum substrate for standby.

  Second, check whether the welded plate can be normally lit after testing to avoid the situation of not being welded or not.

  Third, after checking whether it lights up normally, the back of the aluminum base plate needs to be coated with heat dissipation silica gel, and then put the plate into the shell.

  Fourth, the power line is welded to the positive and negative north and south poles of the aluminum substrate, and then the two ends are bound with adhesive tape and filled with glue. In the process of filling glue, always pay attention to even, do not tilt or skew.

  Fifth, the tape can be removed in the afternoon or the next day when the glue is poured, and then the two ends of the device wall washing lamp can be blocked after the device glass is made.

  Sixth, connect the wall washing lamp after the device is installed, and the interface of outgoing line should be male and female plug to facilitate the device.

  Seventh, make the finished lamp so that it can be used.

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