What are the requirements of wall lamp manufacturers

2020-03-02 16:13:19

  The function of LED wall washing lamp is to make the wall illuminated by the light as washed. It is mainly used in architectural decoration lighting and outlines some large buildings. LED lamp has the functions of energy saving, rich color, long life and high light efficiency, so at present many wall washing lamps are replaced by LED wall washing lamps. Led wall washing lamp is also called LED line lamp because of its long shape.

  Operation requirements for LED wall washing lamp

  Temperature: - 40 ℃ + 60 ℃.

  Voltage: mainly divided into four types, 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V. Most of the low voltage is 4V and 12V.

  Protection grade: the waterproof grade shall be above IP65, and it shall be resistant to fire, pressure, high and low temperature, impact aging and fragmentation.

  Control method: generally divided into two control methods, internal control and external control. Internal control does not need external controller, while external control requires external controller. Most of them are in outer space. DMX512 control system is selected.

  Mirror surface: it is not easy to atomize and can resist UV skin color, and the light transmittance reaches 98 = 98%.

  Light source: now it is generally 1wled as light source.

  Standard measure: the length is allowed to be one meter but can be customized. The height and width are fixed.

  Generally, the high-power LED wall washing lamp is equipped with microchips, which are controlled by microchips. It can be operated and applied in small engineering application occasions. It can achieve the dynamic functions of flash, color flash, gradual change and replacement. It can also use DMX control to achieve the functions of scanning and chasing. It is widely used in building interior and exterior lighting, greening scene lighting and indoor part lighting, as well as some civilized and medical facilities lighting. Can also be used as festivals, bars and other places of entertainment as an atmosphere foil. Led wall washing light is small, convenient and powerful. It can be used normally when plugged in. It is very convenient without external equipment.

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